This is a photo I took when I visited Cadaqués in Northern Spain in 2008. It is the little Meditterranean seaside town where Salvador Dali lived. After I visited the area, and his museum in Figueres, I was imbued with an energy that I was not able to shake off for a long time. I had been close to a potent creative energy, and even though he is no longer living, it was ever present. He was a different kind of individual with a unique mind, albeit wrought with numerous psychological challenges, but entirely inspiring. I believe there are certain places and persons in the world that offer you that kind of feeling.

It is imperative to change your environment if you want to reignite your source of inspiration or creativity. The mind constantly needs to be fed with new imagery, input, and stimulus to grow.

Try to get away from your screen or pad of paper and discover something completely new once in a while or whenever you need to replenish the source.  You will be amazed at the abundance of material that will come to you when you explore an unknown location or setting.


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