Imagination and Dreaming

The more you write, the more it flows. It may be hard at first but it will begin to feel easier the more you practice, and at some point, if you don’t write, even for ten minutes a day; it will feel as if something is missing.

Just like with exercise. Set an appointment with yourself, a routine, take ten minutes a day (or more) to write. If you are in the midst of writing a novel, short story, or article, and you need a break; write about something completely different for ten minutes. Even if you’re not in the mood to write; take ten minutes and write about anything.

If you’re truly short on ideas, go to a library or bookstore and pick out a magazine or book about something you would not normally read. Read it or simply browse through the book and it will surely open a window or thought to something new. If you don’t normally read scientific magazines, have a glance. If you don’t normally look through Home magazines, flip the pages, pretend you’re changing your living room or your kitchen, dream a little. Go to the travel section and pick a book about a country you’ve never visited or have always dreamed of visiting; find out about it; look at the photographs; imagine you’re there.

Try something new; anything off your beaten track and it will rejuvenate your mind.

If after all that you still don’t feel like writing; write that you don’t feel like writing and why. Your pen will still be in your hand and the words will be on the screen or paper or whichever method you find easiest to write.

And, if this still does not appeal to you – lean back, throw your feet up and relax. Enjoy the moment.

Imagine and dream.


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