The Paradigm Shift of Creation

In Writing… 

The Word Lord    © Colette Baron-Reid

The second paradigm to shift is Creation.

A thought is just a thought until you write it down.

We receive messages from our inner selves — from an energy field that we can access and that is all around us. We write one sentence, a second one, and  then another, and before we know it, we have a paragraph.

We want to communicate to others. Something tells us that we MUST write, that others need to know, and that it might make a difference to someone else.

Once the thought is out there, it has a life of its own. A thought becomes an idea; it turns into a story, and then becomes a book.

What if…?

What if… a character takes a different route and ends up in a ditch in the middle of nowhere in a country he does not know? What if… there is a pack of hungry wolves nearby? What if… the only weapons he has is a flashlight and a pack of matches?

What if… I shut down my computer and go to the beach?

Sounds like a great idea! (I did that last week.)

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The Paradigm Shift of Gratitude

In Writing… 

“Morning in the Castle” by *inObrAS

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” – Thornton Wilder

The first paradigm to consciously shift is Gratitude.

This is a difficult one to grasp and really, truly feel when the ‘word’ can become something that is so easily taken for granted. We assume that words will come to us when we need them.

We forget that there are times when we can’t find the right words; they escape us; they run like fury away from us; they dodge and hide from us; they slip through our fingers.

And so each day, we must thank the Gods of Writing. It’s a happy dance when we are able to string a sentence together that makes sense and captures the essence of what we are trying to convey and describe to another so that they can experience it the way we do. We must be thankful even for the days when the words are not as forthcoming as they are on others.

 This reminds me of the Ho’oponopono meditation mantra of Letting the Material Stuff Go and is the recitation of, “I Love You; Please forgive me; I am sorry; Thank you…” 

Have a wonderful day!