The Paradigm Shift of Creation

In Writing… 

The Word Lord    © Colette Baron-Reid

The second paradigm to shift is Creation.

A thought is just a thought until you write it down.

We receive messages from our inner selves — from an energy field that we can access and that is all around us. We write one sentence, a second one, and  then another, and before we know it, we have a paragraph.

We want to communicate to others. Something tells us that we MUST write, that others need to know, and that it might make a difference to someone else.

Once the thought is out there, it has a life of its own. A thought becomes an idea; it turns into a story, and then becomes a book.

What if…?

What if… a character takes a different route and ends up in a ditch in the middle of nowhere in a country he does not know? What if… there is a pack of hungry wolves nearby? What if… the only weapons he has is a flashlight and a pack of matches?

What if… I shut down my computer and go to the beach?

Sounds like a great idea! (I did that last week.)

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