The Paradigm Shift of Acceptance

Serenity by © CC Dailly

“No one thinks in your mind except you.” ~ Louise Hay

(Acceptance: to receive, to release resistance, to surrender yourself to)

Releasing resistance is a difficult feat. It seems such an easy thing to read and think about, but to put it into effect is a totally different exercise.

“If we could fly, we’d all have wings, and some of us don’t know why…” ~ Michael Hutchence

What are thoughts of resistance? — procrastination? fear? reluctance? uncertainty? And why is it that those come to the surface so much more easily than acceptance? All I can say, right at this very moment, is that acceptance and releasing resistance is hard work. It also brings about the task of living in the ‘now’ while planning and envisioning for the future and, at the same time, letting go of the past.

When you are ready to receive, it comes to you. And, I believe that thought holds true for everything in your life.


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