A Paradigm Shift in Trust

Reflection by © CC Dailly

One of the most important elements in any relationship is trust.

And, so should it be with the relationship you have with yourself when it comes to writing.

It is a part of yourself that must be earned, nurtured, and rewarded. You must take care of that part of you fervently to keep it, just like any other relationship. You must spend time with it, you must not be mean to it, you must be patient, you must have love for it. And, in the case of writing, I would almost say that you need to have an unconditional love for it.

A reader can sense where you are coming and going from your writing. Are you insecure, scared, or are you confident and sure of yourself? Are you really giving of yourself, or are you pretending? Are you being honest or trite? Are you writing because you truly love it, or are you writing because you think that at the end of the rainbow there’s going to be a big stash? (Well, honestly, who wouldn’t really want that? — because it would mean that you could do it full-time and not be continuously trying to cram it in between the meals, the full-time job, the kids, the dog, the long commute…) But, inherently, at the bottom of your heart, you must love the craft. The simple art of putting down in letters, sentences, and paragraphs, your thoughts and ideas; the ones that you want others to read.

The more you write the more you learn to trust the path that you are on when putting pen to paper. As in real life, there are times when the path detours, detracts, becomes circuitous, but if you remain steadfast, persevering, loving your craft, as well as determined, your words and your stories will keep you on the right path. If you listen to your intuition, to that little inner voice, to the very core that drives you to write, you will be course-corrected when you detour, you will know which path to take if you reach a fork in the road, you will instinctively choose the right one for you.

And the rest of it is all exercise. Trust must be earned and you must remember to reward yourself as well.

A reward can be as simple as buying a new book, taking an afternoon off and relaxing with a cup of tea or coffee, or watching a movie.

You must be true to yourself in order for trust to grow and become the foundation. Your true self knows when you are lying, conniving, cheating yourself or others when you are putting your words down.

Perseverance, determination, intuition, consistency, and honesty in your writing will lead you to trusting in yourself, your writing, and your motivation.

~ CC Dailly


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