A Paradigm Shift to… Engage in Your Life

Now that we’ve gotten past the ‘passive’ paradigm shifts on the inner approaches to writing… let’s move on to the ‘active’ paradigms.

Engage in your life!

In order to keep your imagination active, it must be fed. The fodder for your imagination is in your real life. There is nothing weirder, crazier, more horrifying, or more amazing than real life. There’s some stuff you just can’t make up. You look at it, you twist it around, you try to explain it, you want to make sense of it, and then you say to yourself, “You just can’t make that kind of shit up!”

Some events are like that. And, those are the events that you want to take note of and share with others, the ones that make you think, “There’s no way that really happened!”

So, engage in your life. The writing part will come anyway because you just can’t help yourself. You need to step back from the madness and put it down to paper. Engaging in your life, getting out there, watching what goes on in the world, keeping your ear to the ground, and being active (physically or mentally) are all part of keeping your imagination alive.

Keeping this one short to engage in my life a little! 🙂



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