Back from Costa Rica and Back to Writing…


I have not been consistent lately with updating my writing blog. I have to be honest: I was overdoing it, overloaded with work, and just got to a point where I felt completely drained. I went to Costa Rica (with the love of my life) for a week and just took it easy.

We arrived in San Jose and rented a car and drove 4 1/2 hours to Tamarindo. We experienced the country firsthand from the road. Costa Rican drivers are a little crazy and pedestrians walk on the road: a dangerous feat, especially at night. But, we made it to our destination in one piece without taking out any Costa Ricans on the way. The resort was welcoming and like an oasis in the Costa Rican night.

We rested, did some house hunting, and read by the swimming pool. In the evenings, we strolled along the beach watching surfers take advantage of the last waves. The weather was tremendous; the food was delicious; the people were gracious and friendly. It was the perfect environment in which to unwind.

On Saturday, we left early, deposited our rental car at the local aeropuerto. (See photo below.) We waited patiently for our plane. It would take us to San Jose, to avoid us having to do the drive back.

(Does it look like a field? it is.)

We got into our plane (below).

You’re thinking “What’s that?” Well, okay, I’m just kidding. We got into this other plane… (See below and please note the dog lying on the walkway to the landing strip.)

And we were off to San Jose. The flight took 45 minutes compared to what would have been another 4 1/2 hours of driving. We were relieved — and so what if it was a single propeller plane? The flight was safe and secure and we got to see some of this…



We followed the same path that we had taken by car and landed safely in San Jose – rolled our suitcases a couple of (short) blocks to San Juan Santamaria airport. It was right next door to the other smaller airport.

Everything was so easy!

So, for now, we are back to our reality… and look forward to doing this trek again soon!



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