Creativity Surge and the Colour Green


I look out my window where I sit to write and I notice that the colour in front of me is green. The leaves on the trees, the bushes, the plants, the grass. On a grey day, like today, and after a thunderstorm, the green is deep and lush and overflowing. I soak in this colour because I know that, in a few months, this same greenery will be covered in white. It will be a different world out there from today.

I feel lucky that I have this view from my desk. For me, it beats the concrete, man-made world, that I have to go to during the week. Peace. Quietude. Solitude. Calm. In this space, I can hear my own thoughts.

Seated in my yellow wing chair, before heading over to my writing space, I felt a vibration coming up through my right foot that was nestled comfortably on the lush brown carpet. The vibrations were coming through from the ground up, and this feeling resonated with the chapter I read from Fruitflesh by Gayle Brandeis.



Our bodies are like tree trunks, simultaneously anchored in the earth and reaching toward the sun. Creativity surges inside us, green and alive; when we tune into our bodies, we can tap the force, the source, that brims in all our cells.

Gayle Brandeis


Coffee sure is good this morning. Ahhhhh.

Enjoy your weekend!