Writing 1000 Words a Day… and the Daily Goal of Nothing (Lately)

Writing on my novel has not been happening very well lately. I have been in a limbo mode the past couple of weeks and I’m not sure whether it is because I’m avoiding writing my book or trying to get some writing done in other capacities. I think it’s the avoiding one. And, it’s not because I don’t have any inspiration because I do — plenty of it.

I normally do the daily goal of writing 1,000 words a day — or at least using that as my benchmark. If I only get a 100 words in, I am actually happy that I got something down. It takes very little to please me obviously (haha.)

I’m not quite sure whether these days it’s because I’m a little burned out, work is getting in the way, or have some form of ADD and want to do a million things at once while not doing anything at all.

It is frustrating and I feel like I’m on the edge of ‘something.’ Is that ‘something’ the abyss or a major breakthrough?

I hope I snap out of it because the “Finish My Novel Goal” for my second novel (and third) is the end of July. I best get cracking as we are already halfway there or so it feels.

The Paradigm Shift of Acceptance

Serenity by © CC Dailly

“No one thinks in your mind except you.” ~ Louise Hay

(Acceptance: to receive, to release resistance, to surrender yourself to)

Releasing resistance is a difficult feat. It seems such an easy thing to read and think about, but to put it into effect is a totally different exercise.

“If we could fly, we’d all have wings, and some of us don’t know why…” ~ Michael Hutchence

What are thoughts of resistance? — procrastination? fear? reluctance? uncertainty? And why is it that those come to the surface so much more easily than acceptance? All I can say, right at this very moment, is that acceptance and releasing resistance is hard work. It also brings about the task of living in the ‘now’ while planning and envisioning for the future and, at the same time, letting go of the past.

When you are ready to receive, it comes to you. And, I believe that thought holds true for everything in your life.

The Paradigm Shift of Expectation

In Writing… 

Sunrise by CC Dailly

Expectation and anticipation are the keys to manifesting your desires.

Those just happen to be the two elements that keep readers glued to the pages of your book. Master the art of keeping your readers on the edge of their seats and you will have mastered the skill of expectation and anticipation.

What will happen next to the protagonist? Will he take the chance to change his life or will he just settle and watch the world go by?

The same should be expected in the story of your own life.

Expectation creates a certain excitable feeling. You will feel those wonderful butterflies in your stomach when you live your life with expectation and anticipation. (I’ll leave out the worry and angst that goes along with that for now.)

Writing should be approached with the same feeling of expectation:
Expect to write a great chapter.
Expect that your character and your story will develop in exactly the way it should.
Expect that you will accomplish what you have set out to create.
Expect to write everyday for a few minutes or an hour.
Expect the unexpected.

I expect that you will go out there and seize the world now that you have read this!

(So easy to say; so hard to do.)